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Here at Hawkes K9 Services, our focus is on the relationship between owner/handler and dog.  We strive to develop bonds with balanced training methods, while maintaining a safe and fun training environment.  We create individualized training plans suited to each team's particular needs.  Hawkes K9 works with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments but more importantly, we work with both the dog and the handler as a single cohesive unit to build trust and confidence for a solid foundation to bring out the best in our canine partners.
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Dog training secrets.

Timing. Consistency. Motivation. 

HawkesK9 can work your dog in a variety of styles to help him reach his full potential using three basic principles of dog training: timing, consistency, and motivation.  We can train from Purely Positive methods to a more balanced approach depending on each request from individual owners.
  1. Healthy Dogs are Happy Dogs
    To keep Fido happy and healthy ensure that he is up to date on all of his vaccines. Due to health risks, Hawkes K9 cannot work a dog without proof of rabies and DHPP vaccines (or titer).
  2. Feed Me!
    Many owners feel the need to spoil their dogs with treats and extra food, but added weight can make training and exercise stressful on your dog's body. Please consult your veterinarian before beginning new and strenuous exercise routines and activities. Hawkes K9 can also help you come up with an exercise program to get your pup back into shape and discuss feeding options.
  3. Doggy Play Dates
    Dog parks are not only a place for dog germs to spread, but can also be a very stressful environment for a lot of dogs. Please be careful when taking your dog to off leash meet ups and dog parks with unknown dogs.
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