1. Puppy Assessments
    Not sure what type of puppy is right for you? Hawkes K9 offers Puppy (and dog) assessments for prospective new families. We will sit down and discuss your wants and needs from your new dog and a trainer can help you pick out a pup that's right for you when you look at breeders and rescues.
  2. Basic Obedience Training
    Hawkes K9 offers an individualized obedience training plan specially designed for each dog that comes to our trainers. Lessons range from 30 minute sessions to an hour. Lesson plans may change depending on the dog's speed and desire to work. Training can be done in the home or at public dog-friendly venues.
  3. Advanced Obedience
    After Basic Obedience is completed, we offer advanced obedience for those owners that are looking to refine their skills, work on tricks, and focus on precision and technical obedience. We can teach hand signals, tricks, competition level obedience, and more.
  4. Service Dog Training
    Hawkes K9 can help set the foundation for a solid Service Dog prospect. We focus on socialization, team bonding, and trained tasks for the dog. We work in a multitude of settings and will work the dog at the handler's pace and comfort level.
  5. Boarding
    Going away? We offfer affordable boarding options for clients that we have worked with in the past. Each dog gets to enjoy one-on-one attention in their "home away from home." **Boarding dogs must be crate trained**
  6. Specialized Training
    Whether it is agility training or narcotics detection, Hawkes K9 can create a specialized training plan for teams that are looking to go further with their dogs. Perhaps competition obedience is what you're after. Or maybe the beginnings of protection work? We cover a wide range of specialties and if Hawkes K9 doesn't have what you are looking for we can point you in the right direction.
  7. Behavior Modification
    Does your dog bite? Bark? Nip? Growl? If so, Hawkes K9 can help you get to the bottom of your dog's behavioral issues. We work with a wide range of temperaments from fearful and reactive to aggressive dogs.
  8. Board and Train
    For clients that want a more structured training environment, Hawkes K9 offers boarding and training options. Your dog stays with us for a minimum of three weeks, learns all of the fundamentals here and then we send the dog home with a go-home lesson to show you everything your dog has learned, and a follow up one to two weeks after boarding, to further help you maintain the new behaviors you see in your dog.
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Consultations and Cancellations 

After you have decided that you are ready to meet our trainers, we do require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit prior to the initial consultation via PayPal or check.  This deposit will go towards your overall cost of training after the initial evaluation.

We understand that life happens and cancellations may be necessary.  We ask that cancellations happen at a minimum, 24 hours in advance.  If you cancel after 24 hours, a fee of $20 is applied to your bill.  

A no-show is considered a full loss and a fee of $45 is applied to your bill.

Please Call For Prices.